Scarf Unveils New Look for New Era

September 14th, 2016


We have launched a brand new look as we enter a new age for Scarf.

The new brand was developed alongside an ambitious growth plan which includes the launch of our new commercial switching service, Scarf Commercial Energy.

Established in 1985 as an Urban Aid funded project in Aberdeen, we have grown into one of North East Scotland’s most successful social enterprises with offices in Aberdeen and Dundee and services operating in Moray, Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Angus and Perth and Kinross.

More recently, Scarf has built a reputation as a major frontline energy advice service provider, operating the Home Energy Scotland advice centre in the North East, funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Energy Saving Trust. Scarf also operates the Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Perth.

Our leadership team have developed growth plan to push the company forward. This includes the launch of Scarf Commercial Energy, a commercial switching service, delivered in partnership with Citrus Energy which will offer an ethical, transparent and accountable brokering service to the business community, with access to the whole market.

Scarf’s chief executive, Thane Lawrie, said of the recent changes: “Scarf’s original aim was to help alleviate fuel poverty, an ambition which remains at its core. Over the years the organisation has grown to become a leading voice in the fuel poverty conversation within Scotland. Scarf delivers a range of high profile contracts which have led us to develop world class skills in energy efficiency, training and contact centre operation. With these skills in mind we have developed an ambitious strategy to operate in three key business arms, Scarf Energy, Scarf Training and Scarf Contact Centres.

“The introduction of our new brand was a welcome refresh which we hope will ensure the success of our change in direction. Our new logo was designed to reflect our mission to provide professional services which ultimately result in a positive impact on society. All of our services are operated on the basis that any profits are invested back into the organisation to fund our social aims which are to reduce fuel poverty and increase employability. We also work closely with other third sector organisations to offer employment and placement opportunities to the long term unemployed.”

“As well as unveiling our new look, we are pleased to also launch the first of our new services, Scarf Commercial Energy, a unique collaboration between two established social enterprises who are dedicated to the alleviation of fuel poverty, and all profits are re-invested into our social aims towards a fairer society.”