Environmental Policy

Scarf is an environmentally-conscious organisation and we recognise that our operations interact with the environment. We have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and to support others in this goal.

Scarf aims for sustainable development and innovative environmental solutions to be part of all our operations. Scarf will always strive for the environmentally sustainable option.

Scarf will comply with all present and future legislation and other requirements relevant to our industry and operations, and in addition to this we will adopt best practice and become early adopters where appropriate.

In achieving these goals Scarf will:

• Encourage staff to consider the environmental impact of their work routinely and to seek a better environmental option where practicable;
• Encourage staff to consider the environmental impact of their travel to and during work, and provide assistance and support to make use of more environmentally friendly options wherever practicable;
• Seek to reduce consumption of resources in our operations and continue to promote reuse and recycling of products wherever possible;
• Provide environmental awareness within the local community;
• Choose and work with suppliers who also strive to reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation;
• Maintain an effective Environmental Management System, working towards gaining certification to the International Standard ISO 14001;
• Provide appropriate training to all staff to enable them to implement this environmental policy.

Scarf will regularly review the goals and objectives within this policy to support continual improvements in the organisation.

Scarf will make this policy publicly available to all interested parties.