Pacific Institute

The Pacific Institute® believes that everyone has tremendous potential but that most of us do not achieve all we are capable of.

Using the principles of cognitive psychology, we have created programmes and processes which develop, support and, most importantly, equip individuals and organisations to enable them to transform this potential into actual performance.

Unlocking potential

With our approved and accredited course facilitators, we deliver the Pacific Institute’s® STEPS and PX2 programmes.

We can help you, your organisation and service users turn potential into performance.


The Pacific Institute’s® STEPS course is designed to help its participants make a more positive impact in their professional and personal lives.
It encourages greater self-belief, motivation and the ability to both set and realise goals.

Catering to all learning styles, the STEPS course conveys its key concepts through a mixture of lively activities, interactive discussion, video materials and personal reflection.

STEPS is credited and levelled by SCQF at level 5 in Scotland, through the awarding body NCFE.


The PX2 course from the Pacific Institute® is aimed primarily at 14-19 year-olds to help them gain the critical thinking skills required to make the best career and life choices at a crucial time in their development.

The course is delivered using bold multimedia material including animated, musical and graphical content throughout interactive group activities and personal reflection.

The programme is designed to improve the self-esteem and self-belief in its participants, giving them the confidence to make positive life choices.
PX2 is credited and levelled by SCQF at level 5 in Scotland, through the awarding body NCFE.

Both STEPS and PX2 can be delivered flexibly to suit your group or organisation.

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