Scarf’s partnership with Caledonia Housing Association set to continue.

May 22nd, 2024


Scarf’s partnership with Caledonia Housing Association set to continue, providing energy efficiency advice to over 8000 homes across Scotland.

Caledonia Housing Association (CHA) have further invested in the extension of their partnership with Scarf, having secured additional funding to expand its energy efficiency advice to their tenants across Scotland. 

Scarf’s partnership with Caledonia Housing Association was first established in November 2022 to ensure all tenants had access to support from energy experts in the face of rising energy bills and the cost-of-living crisis. 


Following positive engagement with tenants from this partnership, CHA with Scarf once again participated in the Big Energy Saving Week in January 2024. This included an all-day drop-in session at a pop-up shop in Dundee, to advise CHA tenants, and Dundee householders on how to save money, manage energy bills and get financial support as well as tips on keeping their homes warm and comfortable. They also launched a joint competition to win an air fryer, providing householders with more advice to save energy at home, coupled with practical solutions.  


So far the Scarf and CHA partnership has achieved:  

  • 695 unique households supported since November 2022 
  • 203 onward referrals for other help and support 
  • Over 7,700 pieces of advice provided with an estimated annual cost saving of £315,000 
  • Over £7,800 worth of energy debt cleared through applications done with Scarf support 
  • Nearly 900 energy saving measures provided with an estimated cost saving of just over £20,300. 
  • Near £9,000 worth of vouchers or direct payments to suppliers to help with energy costs 


Lawrence Johnston, co-CEO of Scarf said  

‘The cost-of-living crisis continues to have an impact and we have supported nearly 700 Caledonia households since November 2022 and so, are delighted to continue and extend of partnership with Caledonia until March 2025, supporting these households and reaching more. 

We had a great response from Caledonia tenants and staff around the support we offer which can include accessing funding to help towards their energy costs, and supporting them with more complex heating/supplier issues, providing advice and help to reduce their energy costs and make their homes warmer. We are looking forward to continuing to support Caledonian tenants over the coming months.’