Reducing My Energy Bills

Scarf Commercial Energy can help your business to find the best prices for your electricity or gas supply.

Designed exclusively for business, we offer a truly impartial and ethical commercial energy advice and switching services.

We work with over 14 energy suppliers to find the best prices on the commercial market for you with complete impartiality.

Why use Scarf Commercial Energy?

  • Significant savings on your energy bills;
  • Simple and hassle-free process;
  • Access the vast majority of the market;
  • Access to low-carbon and renewable sources;
  • Ethical and impartial service;
  • Ongoing follow-up and advice;
  • Complementary to CSR outcomes.

Scarf Commercial Energy is a unique partnership with two social enterprises, Scarf and Citrus Energy.

We are funded directly through introducer fees from suppliers. We do not take a share of savings we generate for businesses we work with.

Find out how much you can save, call us on 01224 213005 or email us at