What happens when my energy supplier goes bust?

If your energy supplier goes out of business, don’t panic!

Consumers in the UK are well protected in the event of their supplier going bust. You won’t lose your gas or electricity supply, and the energy regulator, Ofgem, will appoint a supplier to take over. You won’t lose any credit (or debt).

What to do

If your supplier is out of business and you’re waiting to hear from your new supplier:

  • Take meter readings.
  • Download / screenshot bills and credit amounts.
  • Don’t switch supplier.

Here’s a list of recent supplier takeovers (correct as of Tuesday 19 October 2021):

WhenOld supplierCustomer baseNew supplierMore info
18th OctoberGOTO Energy (UK)c22,000 domesticPending appointment
14th OctoberDaligas Limitedc9,000 domesticShell Energy (from 17 October 2021)shellenergy.co.uk
13th OctoberPure Planetc235,000 domesticShell Energy (from 17 October 2021)shellenergy.co.uk
13th OctoberColorado Energyc15,000 domesticShell Energy (from 17 October 2021)shellenergy.co.uk
29th SeptemberENSTROGAc6,000 domesticE.ON Nextofgem.gov.uk
29th SeptemberIgloo Energyc179,000 domesticE.ON Nextofgem.gov.uk
29th SeptemberSymbio Energyc48,000 domesticE.ON Nextofgem.gov.uk
29th SeptemberAvro Energy c580,000 domesticOctopus Energyofgem.gov.uk
22nd September Green Supplier Limited ('Green.')c255,000 domestic Shell Energyofgem.gov.uk
14th September People's Energyc350,000 domestic; c1,000 non-domesticBritish Gasofgem.gov.uk
14th September Utility Pointc220,000 domesticEDFedfenergy.com
7th September PFP Energy82,000 domestic; 5,600 non-domestic British Gasofgem.gov.uk
7th September MoneyPlus Energyc9,000 domesticBritish Gasofgem.gov.uk
9th August Hub Energyc6,000 domestic; c9,000 non-domesticE.ON Nextofgem.gov.uk
27th January Green Network Energyc360,000 domesticEDFofgem.gov.uk
27th January Simplicity Energyc50,000 domesticBritish Gas Evolveofgem.gov.uk

We can help

We appreciate that it can be stressful when your supplier goes bust, and we’re here to help. If you need information or support throughout the process, please give us a call on freephone 0808 129 0888.