Helping households save money and stay warm.

What we do

Our home energy advice team provides householders with free, personalised energy efficiency advice.

In home and over the phone, our advisors help with:

– Understanding your fuel bills.

– Tackling fuel debt.

– Getting the most out of your heating system through effective use of controls.

– Identifying condensation, damp and potential for energy efficiency improvements to your home.

– And more.

What happens on a home visit

Our helpful advisors want to give the most suitable advice for you and your home. They will run through a few questions with you to work out how they can best help you to keep your home warmer and dryer and help to reduce your bills.

If required they can show you the best way to use your heating controls to make sure you are getting the most for your money. They will discuss the options available to help reduce your bills. and can also link you to other services that may be able to offer further help and support.

How we’ve helped

A customer with a young family came to us with high energy bills and debts after they had lost income.

During a home visit, we showed them how to use their heating system properly, which allowed them to use it less while still keeping their home warm, reducing the amount of energy they use.

We gave them further advice on how to save energy around the home day to day, and helped them apply for funding which reduced their debt to their fuel supplier by £500.

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This service is available in the Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee City and Perth & Kinross local authority areas.

For more information or to book a home visit call us on 0808 129 0888

The service is delivered in the following local authority areas:

Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee City, and Perth & Kinross

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