Once upon a time, but now Scarf is not an installer of any energy efficiency measures. However, we can signpost to local installers offering such measures.

Scarf itself does not, however, we deliver the Scottish Government funded Home Energy Scotland programme through which local and national grants and schemes are available.

Through the Home Energy Scotland programme there are a range of options which can fund or part fund energy efficiency measures such as boilers, insulation and renewable technologies.

Scarf does not offer this service. But we can signpost to trusted traders who may be able to.

Once you have moved in, it is important to set up your fuel account and choose the correct tariff, our Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) can help with this.

We are a social enterprise supporting individuals and organisation to, among other things, reduce their energy consumption and fuel spend. This has always been at the core of our service, but over time we have expanded into our areas.

All of the advice and information available from our householder services is free. We can provide access to grants and funding which may provide free energy efficiency measures, but may also require a customer contribution.