BLOG | Challenging fuel poverty

October 4th, 2021


At the start of Challenge Poverty Week, Lawrence Johnston, acting Co-CEO at Scarf, focuses on the increased risk of fuel poverty during the energy supply crisis.

“Today marks the start of Challenge Poverty Week, and this year the spotlight is falling fairly and squarely on fuel poverty.

Every day it feels like there’s news of yet another energy supplier collapsing, bringing with it panic and insecurity to householders across the North East and beyond. When this is coupled with the rise in the energy price cap and the removal of the temporary Universal Credit uplift, the effect is – sadly – rising energy bills and falling household income.

The stark reality of this imperfect storm means that third sector organisations across Scotland (and the UK) are busier than ever finding ways to assist individuals and households suffering the consequences of poverty. Those already vulnerable pre-pandemic have seen their situation exaggerated and those who were at risk pre-pandemic now find themselves living the nightmare.

Fuel poverty is equally as devastating on a household’s circumstances as any other poverty and too many families are being faced with a choice of ‘heat or eat’, unimaginable for much of society.

The recent news to hit the media channels about the energy supply crisis is an additional unwelcome news story which only serves to exaggerate an existing crisis.

Scarf is here to help, and across the north east of Scotland our team of expert energy efficiency advisors are available to help individuals and households in need of information, advice, and support.

Funded by local authorities across the North East, Scarf can provide free and impartial advice to households living in or at risk of fuel poverty.

Don’t suffer in silence, contact Scarf’s home energy advice team on 0808 129 0888 for help.”