Angus HeatWell scheme re-opens

April 13th, 2023


Scarf is continuing work with Angus Council to bring support to householders in the local area, through the provision of the Angus HeatWell (Round 2) project, which has received an additional £200,000 of funding.

The available grants are being delivered courtesy of the Scottish Government Local Authority Covid Economic Recovery (LACER) fund, in response to the rising of fuel costs. This fund adds to the £400,000 that was available for Angus HeatWell in October 2022.

The project is open to householders in the Angus area with:

  • prepayment meters
  • direct debit and oil accounts

Further eligibility criteria applies, involving:

  • receipt of benefits
  • total household income.

This financial assistance scheme can provide, subject to eligibility:

  • £147 of fuel vouchers to single households, or
  • £294 of fuel vouchers to households with families of two or more occupants
  • warm packs including basic energy efficiency measures.

Lawrence Johnston, Co-Chief Executive at Scarf, said: “We are very pleased to continue to work with Angus Council to bring vital support to householders in the area.

“This second round of HeatWell funding will provide crucial financial assistance to those in need. We encourage all potentially eligible householders to get in touch to apply and receive extended support from our wider advice services.”

The Angus Council Communities Convener, Cllr Mark McDonald added: “The Angus HeatWell (Round 2) scheme can make a difference to those struggling to heat their homes and help to address the pressures facing local residents.

“Angus HeatWell has already made a significant difference to residents in the area, assisting a total of 1,598 households with the increased cost of living and, as a result, benefitting almost 1500 children up to the end of March.”

To apply for the Angus HeatWell (Round 2) assistance, please visit the Grants and Funding section of our website, or complete this form.